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May – Last month we discussed the different types of rollers, and what drives the engineering requirement for roller types. One type of roller that does provide a performance improvement is a white nylon roller. White nylon rollers come in different weight capacities, to match the door weight. White nylon rollers will operate considerably quieter than a black nylon or a steel roller. If you have a bedroom, bonus room or living room over the garage door, ask about options to make your door operate more quietly. The two most significant upgrades you can add to make your system quieter is to go to a belt drive operator with a DC motor, typically about a $75-$100 upgrade over a standard chain drive operator, and to the white nylon rollers.

However, there is one situation in which you may not want a quiet door: you won’t be able to hear your teenager sneaking in after curfew!

Please check back in June, as we discuss basic garage door lubrication. Visit www.TheTotalGarageStore.com for all of your garage door needs!